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Club Rules


The Board of Directors (Board) of the Flower Valley Bath and Racquet Club (FVBRC or Club) promulgates these rules for the 2018 season.  Members can send questions about these rules or concerns about the enforcement of these rules to the Board at presidentfvbrc@gmail.com.

These rules apply to all members and their guests.  Failure to obey these rules may result in immediate expulsion from Club grounds or suspension of membership.  The Board may restrict the privileges of any member or guest for a period of time as determined by the Board for any infraction of these rules.

The Board is authorized to institute additional rules and/or update current rules as may be required from time to time in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Club members and guests.


  1. All persons using Club facilities do so at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.  Costs associated with any damage to Club property by a member or guest will be charged to the responsible party.
  1. Club facilities may not be used until annual dues have been paid in full. Only members and their guests will be permitted on Club grounds; only Board-authorized events and activities are permitted on Club grounds unless otherwise approved by the Board.  Any part of the physical facilities of the Club may be closed as directed by the Board.
  1. The Board and its contracted representatives have complete authority to enforce all rules established by the Montgomery County Department of Health. The Board and its contracted representatives are authorized to prohibit or restrict any activity that creates a danger to persons on Club grounds.
  1. Alcoholic beverages of any type are prohibited on Club grounds except as permitted during Board-sanctioned events and within the rules set by the Board for those events.
  1. At no time shall any types of glass containers be permitted on Club grounds unless authorized by the Board. Smoking is not permitted on Club grounds.
  1. Disruptive behavior including, but not limited to, pushing, wrestling, rough play, abusive language, and inappropriate behavior that causes undue disturbance on Club grounds or personal conduct that endangers the safety and health of members and guests is strictly forbidden and may result in the immediate expulsion from Club grounds. Loitering is not permitted at the front desk to the pool complex.
  1. All injuries must be reported immediately to the Manager/Assistant Manager of the pool management contractor on duty at the pool. In all cases of emergency, members are urged to call emergency responders when needed.  For times when the pool management contractor is not on duty, please report all injuries to presidentfvbrc@gmail.com.
  1. No pets shall be permitted in the Club area including, but not limited to, the pool complex and tennis courts unless authorized by the Board.
  1. Vehicles shall not be driven at a speed greater than 10 MPH on Club grounds. Parking of vehicles is permitted in the Club parking lots only during normal operating hours unless otherwise authorized by the Board.  Bicycles shall only be parked in designated areas and shall not be left in the Club driveways or parking lots.
  1. At all times and in all parts of the club including the pool/pavilion complex and the tennis complex, members will clean up after themselves and ensure trash is properly discarded. Members and their guests are responsible for maintaining all personal items including, but not limited to, towels, sports gear and food items. The Club will maintain a Lost and Found cabinet and will dispose of items in that cabinet at the discretion of the Board. We must keep the Club orderly and clean.


  1. All members must present an authorized FVBRC access card to the guard on duty prior to using the pool complex or tennis courts. With respect to guests that arrive separately such as for events as part of the rental of the pavilion, members should take reasonable efforts to either meet their guest(s) at the front desk or inform the guard on duty of pending arrival of guests and payment of guest fees.  For tennis players using the courts prior to the Club’s regularly-scheduled hours, members may access the tennis courts but should have access cards available in case approached by a member of the Board. Guest fees shall be paid accordingly.
  1. Children entering sixth grade (11 years and older) may be admitted to the Club unaccompanied by an adult with an FVBRC-authorized access card unless otherwise allowed by the Board under certain circumstances.
  1. Children 10 and under entering the Club must be accompanied by and cared for at all times and supervised by a responsible person. This includes children 10 and under entering the pool complex and its associated locker room/shower facilities.
  1. An individual may be a guest of the Club as long as the sponsoring member pays the appropriate guest fee, and the guest is accompanied by a Club member. Any exceptions due to certain circumstances must be approved by the Board.  All guests must register at the front desk.
  1. No member may sponsor more than 10 guests to admission on any one occasion without the approval of the Board with exception to a rental of the pavilion area.
  1. Babysitters may be admitted in place of the parent/guardian member as long as they are included on the annual membership registration by payment of appropriate fee(s). Babysitters visiting the pool complex shall actively watch the child/children.
  1. Should the Board of Directors deem it advisable and upon advance notice to the membership, admission of guests may be restricted on holidays or on days set aside exclusively for Club activities. Conversely, the Board may open the grounds to members and non-members.


  1. When home “A” swim meets are held at FVBRC, the pool will open no earlier than 12:00 noon. When home “B” meets are held at FVBRC, the pool will close at approximately 4 pm in order to prepare for the meet.
  1. A portion of the pool may be set aside by the pool management contractor, subject to approval by the Board, for various uses including, but not limited to, swim and dive teams for instruction, practice events, lessons, and life-saving instruction.
  1. As directed by the Board, the pool complex or portions thereof may be closed to support Club activity or functions including, but not limited to, social events.
  1. The pool may be closed when necessary, in the judgment of the pool management contractor, for maintenance operations, cold or inclement weather, electrical storms, or other circumstances.
  1. County code dictates that the pool will be cleared and patrons directed to shelter at the first occurrence of either thunder or lightening. Because cover is limited, patrons are encouraged to go home.  Others must remain within the shelter of the bathhouse, the pavilion, or their car.  The pool will reopen at the discretion of the Manager on duty.
  1. Arguing with the lifeguards or the Manager/Assistant Manager will be grounds for suspension of Club privileges.
  1. Food and beverages are permitted in the grassy areas, snack bar pavilion area, and the toddler wading pool pavilion of the pool complex. Food and beverages are not permitted in the pools at any time.
  1. Roller skates, skate boards, basketballs, and related athletic equipment are prohibited on the pool deck at all times. Running is also prohibited on the pool deck at all times.
  1. Loitering in the locker rooms/showers is not permitted. Showers are to be used only upon arrival and upon departure of the pool.  Members must ensure that showers are used responsibly in order to avoid excessive water usage.
  1. Umbrellas, tables, and chairs may not be reserved except the tables under the pavilion as part of a pre-arranged rental agreement with the Club.
  1. A parent, guardian or babysitter must be in swimming attire and in the pool with any non-swimmer (or wall clinger) even if the non-swimmer is wearing a flotation device.
  1. The main pool shall be cleared of all children under the age of 16 for a fifteen-minute period before the start of each hour. As recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these safety breaks provide for a rest period and bathroom visits for youngsters as well as adult swim opportunities.
  1. Unless otherwise directed by the Board such as for swim team practice, no person shall use the pool unless lifeguards are on duty and in the guard chair. Swimmers shall stay clear of lifeguard stands and not distract guards from their duties.
  1. No person shall be allowed to use the pool that has any skin disease, open sore, excessive sunburn, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, and/or any communicable or contagious disease. Exceptions will be made only upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate to the Manager/Assistant Manager on duty.
  1. After walking on grassy areas, foot baths must be used prior to re-entering deck areas.
  1. Montgomery County regulations require that all non-toilet trained children must wear a swim diaper and rubber/vinyl pants, under a swimsuit. If the diaper becomes soiled, the person must leave the pool immediately and may not return until he/she has taken or been given a soap shower and has been changed into a clean swim diaper and rubber pants.  Toddlers without swimsuits are not allowed in the pools.
  1. Swim goggles and masks, swim fins, water guns, toys made of sponge materials, and inflatable beach balls are permitted in the pools. No other types of toys are permitted unless otherwise directed by the Board.  Use of toys including, but not limited to, inflatable balls and water guns may be prohibited entirely at the discretion of the Manager/Assistant Manager on duty based on crowded conditions or other safety or comfort considerations.
  1. Children may wear personal flotation devices such as life preservers, swim vests, and water wings in the pools. This does not, however, take the place of the requirement for a parent/guardian to accompany them at all times.  Large non-personal flotation devices such as inflatable rafts and donuts are not permitted unless otherwise allowed by the Board.
  1. Only bona fide swimsuits shall be worn in the water. Persons wearing shorts or other types of street clothing shall not be permitted in the water.
  1. The use of cameras or similar devices is prohibited in the locker rooms.
  1. Chairs are not permitted within 6 feet of the main pool perimeter so to not obstruct the view or movement of life guards in case they need to enter the water to assist a swimmer.
  1. Only children 6 years old or younger may use the toddler wading pool; all children in the toddler wading pool must be monitored by a parent or guardian at all times.
  1. Because there are no lifeguards directly watching the toddler wading pool, the safety of children in the toddler wading pool is the responsibility of parents/guardians.
  1. Parents can elect to have lifeguards administer a swim test to their children. The goal of the test is to ensure lifeguards become more familiar with club swimmers and know which swimmers need immediate supervision at all times. The test will normally require a swimmer to swim a pool length or width and tread water for a period of time.  Members can ask lifeguards or the Manager on duty for more details.


      1. Diving board users must be able to swim to the ladders unassisted.

  1. Divers must execute dives straight off of the end of the board and must immediately swim out of the diving area.
  1. Only one person may be on the ladder and board at any given time.
  1. No diving is permitted until the previous diver has visibly cleared the area below the board.
  1. Extended dives toward shallow water are prohibited.
  1. Children who have not passed the pool swim test are highly discouraged from entering the diving area of the pool.
  1. Swimming is not permitted in the diving well unless authorized by lifeguards. “Open Well” is at the sole discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
  1. Diving well games are at the sole discretion of the lifeguard on duty. Running across the deck to dive into the well is prohibited and will result in closing “open well” use.
  1. Members are not permitted to tread water in the dive well in order to assist a diver unless authorized by the life guard on duty.
  1. Lap lane space is limited; persons not swimming laps must remain in other areas of the pool. Youth who show evidence of being serious lap swimmers may be granted permission by the lifeguard on duty to swim laps in the lap lanes during recreational swim or lap swimming only times.  When multiple swimmers want to swim laps, circle swimming is highly encouraged.


  1. Safety is paramount. All members and guests play at their own risk.  Do not play if you are prone to injury or suffering from any health condition that makes play dangerous.  Always be mindful of heat and wear appropriate sun protection and stay hydrated.
  1. Rollerblading, skate boarding, bike riding and any other activities that may damage the courts are strictly prohibited and may result in the loss of playing privileges at the Board’s discretion.
  1. Courts open at 7 am daily and close at sundown. Hard surface courts are open daily throughout the year.  Clay courts typically open in April and close in November, depending on the weather.
  1. Only smooth-soled tennis shoes, without heels, are permitted on the courts (no running shoes, soccer shoes, cleats, etc.). Players may not remove shirts.  Although not mandatory, standard tennis attire is preferred and recommended.
  1. Members must ensure guest fees are paid at the front desk of the pool house. If the pool desk is not open, members will pay guest fees at the earliest opportunity that the front desk is open.  Tennis members may also use the guest fee honor box to pay guest fees.
  1. Do not brush the clay courts after each use. This leads to over drying the courts and decreased playability.  You may clean the lines when you are finished playing.  Every effort will be made to maintain the courts at off-peak hours.  Players must leave the courts during maintenance when asked to do so.
  1. With Board approval, the courts may be reserved at times for various matches, social activities, teaching clinics, and authorized tournaments. Visit the tennis page on the website in order to check the dates and times of reserved courts.  The Board will make efforts to post court schedules at the courts, but the website will contain the most accurate and current information.  Reservations made less than 48 hours in advance must be posted at the courts.
  1. Play is limited to one hour for singles and 90 minutes for doubles when other players are waiting. Players are encouraged to double up under crowded conditions.  Junior players 18 and under must give way to adult players on weekends and holidays and after 6:00 pm on weekdays (peak hours).  Weekday exception:  Adults playing with juniors need not give way.  If members are waiting to play, Board-sanctioned matches may not extend over the hour limit except during off peak hours.
  1. Players and their guests are expected to follow common rules of courtesy including, but not limited to:
  • Do not walk across or behind courts while a point is in play.
  • If a ball from an adjoining court should roll onto your court, return it as soon as possible but not while play is in progress.
  • Do not use more than three balls for play or practice when the adjoining court is in use.  Keep tennis balls in your own court when rallying.
  • Spectators are urged to remain outside the courts or in the gazebo.
  • Have fun!! Please remember that this is a game of recreation and good

2017 Rules approved by the FVBRC Board on March 20, 2017.


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