Guidelines for FVBRC Pool Opening

The Board of Directors, along with the will of the membership, as expressed in the open meeting on June 17, 2020, elected to open the Flower Valley Bath and Racquet Club Pool under the conditions set forth by Montgomery County Phase 2.  The phase 2 Guidelines are outlined at:

The FVBRC Board is working with our management company, Georgetown Aquatics, to open the pool as early as Wednesday, June 24th, if the following conditions are met:

  • At least 65% of current membership has paid their dues or the 2020 maintenance fee. Dues can be paid at:
    1. Any payment issues should be reported to
    2. July 5th will be the cut off for membership payments in order to open the pool.  If by July 5th, 65% of dues have not been paid, the FVBRC pool will not open.
  • The FVBRC and Georgetown Aquatics can obtain signage, hire staff and develop protocols

The FVBRC Board recognizes the impact of the pandemic on our community. The annual dues have been prorated and a maintenance fee has been added for those who elect to sit out this year. Members who wish to maintain their membership must either pay their membership level dues or the maintenance fee. Any members who choose to not pay this year will be required to re-pay their initiation fee if they wish to rejoin next year. If you already paid your full amount and would like a refund please email

Flower Valley will open in “Safe Mode” this year:

Montgomery County phase 2 guidelines mandate that: (Entire list found at the link above)

  • Staff who interact with patrons or other staff must wear face coverings.
  • Patrons should wear face coverings when interacting with staff or other individuals not from their household.
  • Implement physical distancing requirements between patrons or household groups at the facility.  Change deck layout to ensure that individuals or household groups can remain at least 6 feet apart in the standing or seating areas. No gatherings or events.
  • Facility will track pool capacity using a sign in/out sheet or another appropriate method.

At all times, the entire membership is responsible to wear a mask when entering and leaving the pool grounds, the bathrooms/bathhouse and when interacting with staff and non-family members. You do not have to wear a mask when swimming, entering or leaving the water or sitting with family at a distance of greater than 6 ft from others. This is not an option and the county can fine or close us and our management company if we are found to not be compliant. The policing of this requirement is the responsibility of all members. Lifeguards will focus on life safety in and around the water, cleanliness and pool operations.

FVBRC will operate on a 3-session schedule to start and may revise as needed. Membership will sign up for session on the website through our pool dues app. (Still being developed)

3 sessions:

  • Session 1: 11:30a – 2pm
  • Session 2: 2:30 – 5pm
  • Session 3: 5:30 – 8pm

Between each session, the bathrooms and surfaces will be cleaned.

We are working with our websites/ app developer to implement the following rules for signing up to ensure fairness to our members.

  • Members can only sign up 24 hours in advance of a session
  • Members can only sign up for 1 session per day
  • Members can sign up for an additional session 1 hour prior to a session if space is available
  • No guest passed until the Board can evaluate the impact on membership.

Capacity limited to 80 persons session to start off the season.

No snack bar and/or distributed food to start off the season. The grill will be open for family use

In order to ensure and promote a healthy pool environment, comply with country tracking requirements and ensure only paid members enjoy the pool, the FVBRC will require each member to check in and be screened prior to each session.

Check in:

All members will be required to check in and be screened prior to entering the pool. Any families with a sick member will not be admitted to the pool.


  • All members will be asked if in the last 48 hours they have had fevers, cough, flu like symptoms or loss of taste or smell. Any member who answers yes will result in the entire family being turned away.
  • After verbal screening, each member will need to hand sanitize into the pool.

Distancing/ Mitigation:

  • Each member will be encouraged to distance at least 6 feet away from non-family members at

all times.

  • Each member will be encouraged to spray/wipe down tables and chairs after each use with pool provided cleaner.
  • Members will be encouraged to bring their own chairs
  • Reduction in gatherings:
  • In order to be compliant with county and state regulations, the FVBRC will not host any group

based social events, swim, dive or tennis youth programs.


Tennis players are encouraged to maintain distancing, hand hygiene between matches, provide their own water and maintain the court after each use. The Board as approved our pro Kris to begin clinics and lessons again. Kris will provide a wavier to clearly define health risks.


The FVBRC Board of Director is committed to following guidance of the State of Maryland and Montgomery County Department of Health to ensure a relatively safe environment. The FVBRC also wants to remind all members that the State of Maryland is still under a State of Emergency for the COVID 19 Pandemic. The COVID 19 virus is a person to person spread virus and while the FVBRC is following the state and county guidance, there is still a risk of transmission of the virus while at the pool. Please attend and swim at your own risk.

The FVBRC is a member owned and volunteer operated club. The Board of Directors are not part / full-time employees and the wellbeing of the membership is the responsibility of each member. The lifeguards are contracted to provide life safety in and around the water, operate the pool pump and filtration system, assist with ground and bathroom clean up and provide first aid.

The lifeguards are teenagers who are not our police or infectious disease managers. The FVBRC financially cannot employ additional staff to police our members. In order to open safely, it is the responsibility of the FVBRC and our wonderful members to help clean, disinfect and respectfully encourage others to enjoy our pool and tennis courts in a safe and prudent manner.

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